Rugged Lenovo Notebook

Rugged Lenovo Matt Kohut from Lenovo shot some pictures of a ruggedized Lenovo notebook that’s only available in China. The rugged Lenovo notebook is designed to stand up to the elements and can operate under extreme conditions, but they don’t look as polished as Panasonic’s Toughbooks.

Matt described his encounter with the rugged notebooks in China-

I was walking along the displays in the Innovation Center and did a triple take when I saw this machine. It is a true drop
it in the mud, run over it with your car, flush it down the toilet, ruggedized machine. AND it has a handle. If you are not familiar with the ruggedized space, what is different about rugged notebooks as compared to standard notebooks is that ruggedization is the primary design focus. Other considerations, such as weight, thickness, and battery life are secondary. The outer casing is thick magnesium. The corners are reinforced with thick rubber pads. The outside is completely sealed so that it can be used under running water. To do this is a significant piece of thermal, acoustic, electrical, and computing engineering and not just putting a couple of protective plastic parts on the system.

This machine is only available in China, and is so new that the team there didnâ€â„¢t have any details on it.


Rugged LenovoRugged Lenovo

Rugged Lenovo

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