Refurbished iPhone 8GB for $349, Free Shipping

Refurbished iPhone 8GB

Apple’s selling refurbished iPhone 8GB for only $349, a $50 savings compared to new models. Apple’s throwing in free shipping and can ship within 24 hours.

This is a great savings compared to the original $599 many early iPhone buyers paid. Apple’s refurbished iPhones are units that were returned by consumers because they decided they didn’t want to stick with an iPhone and returned them within 14 days or they were defective in some way.

Apple refurbishes iPhones by thoroughly cleaning them, replacing any defective parts and repackaging them. Apple’s refurbished iPhones are backed by a one year warranty, with a two year AppleCare plan available for $69.

Apple’s refurbished products are only available online.

Click here to order a refurbished iPhone 8GB from Apple’s online store.

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