Will the Chill Pak Cure Your Notebook Woes?

Matt Kelly from PodTech sits down with Dan Hugland, inventor of the Chill Pak, an ice pack that’s supposed to turn your notebook into a true “laptop” by keeping it cool. You may remember Hugland from the X Files, where he played a hacker.

Hugland says heat slows down processors, warps hard drives and contributes to recent battery issues. Users continuously demand thinner and lighter notebooks, but this all comes at a price.

He says some manufacturers have considered selling the Chill Pak, but have backed out because doing so would be admitting their products are defective.

I’m not completely sold on the idea of icing notebooks down, and if there’s truly something wrong with a notebook’s design the Chill Pak offers only a temporary fix. What do you do when you don’t have your freezer handy?

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