Your Next iPad or iPhone Could Have a MagSafe Connector

Fan’s of the handy MagSafe adapter found on Apple notebooks may be happy to know that Apple has filed a patent to using the same MagSafe type connectivity to the iPad and iPhone, this according to Patently Apple.

The MagSafe connector uses magnets to keep the a cord in place while allowing for an easy breakaway connection if the cord is tripped on or pulled accidentally. If this technology makes its way into the iPhone or iPad it will still likely retain the ubiquitous 30-pin dock connector that we all know and have a billion accessories using it. Perhaps we will see a dock connector that uses the MagSafe technology, but doesn’t require it.

While there are arguments for a MagSafe adapter on the iPad or iPhone, I’d be more impressed if Apple put Qi wireless charging tech inside the next iPad and iPhone.

Via Gizmodo