Multi-Point Touch Screen Could Replace the Mouse, and Other Annoying Pointers

If you use your computer or PDA enough, you’ve probably felt a little disconnected to your work at one point or another. A new technology may allow you use your hands in lieu if traditional pointing devices. Here is a video of a technology we hope comes to notebook computing soon.

Most touch screens (i.e. tablet PC’s and Palm OS) use single point touch screens, meaning you are limited to manipulating a single data point at a time. If you’ve ever tried to touch two parts of a touch screen at once, the computer just doesn’t know how to handle it-just like if you were to drag two of your fingers in different directions on your track pad.

The video demo shows several applications of this technology, including photo editing. This multi touch screen reminds me of the screens Tom Cruise used in the movie Minority Report, and is not mobile by any means, but I’m sure the minds at NYU have plenty of ideas on how to miniaturize this in the years to come.


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