Toshiba Intros 4G WiMAX-Ready Laptops

Toshiba introduced several laptop models that come equipped with WiMAX, a fast wireless broadband solution that's being rolled out across the United States. The...
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Lenovo Adds Support for Sprint 4G

Lenovo announced today that they are adding support for Sprint 3G and 4G wireless connectivity to ThinkPad laptops sold in the U.S. This includes the recently a...

NMU Provides Lenovo R400’s and WiMAX to Students

Imagine this. You're (back) in college, settling down in "your" booth of at the local coffeeshop with your decked out Lenovo R400 and you realize that all the research for your midterm essay is located on the History Department's shared network drive. If you're a student at almost any school other then Northern Michigan University (NMU) you'd have to abandon your already warmed up booth, guzzle your double hazelnut latte and trek back to campus to download the research to your hard drive, but students at NMU don't even have to depend on the coffeeshop's flaky wifi connection thanks to the roll-out of WiMAX at NMU and in the college town of Marquette.

Dell Offers WiMAX on Studio 17, Studio XPS 16

wimax_5f00_5aab0e59Dell is now offering WiMAX on two notebooks here in the U.S. Dell Studio 17 and Studio 16 notebooks equipped with WiMAX will work with Clearwire, which is available in Portland, Atlanta and Baltimore. WiMAX offers maximum download speeds of 13Mbps and up to 3Mbps upload speeds.