Panasonic Toughbooks

The Right Notebook for the Job

People looking to buy a new computer often ask me "What's the best notebook?" My answer to that question is simple: There isn't a best notebook. Instead of look...
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Panasonic Toughbook Overview (video)

Kyp Walls, Panasonic's director of product management, gave an overview of the Toughbook brand and products. I've seen ToughBooks at trade shows and in use before, but it was great getting the full rundown from an expert.

Case Study: ToughBooks Used in Freezing Conditions to Keep the Lights On

For some users, a standard notebook isn't even an option and a notebook that can stand up to cold and wet conditions is necessary. The Panasonic ToughBook CF19 is one such notebook and the folks at ArborMetrics Solution use it to keep in contact with headquarters while they help keep trees away from power lines amongst other tasks.
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Panasonic 7 Series Toughbook Introduced

ToughBook T7Panasonic unveiled its 7 Series Toughbooks, built to withstand the bumps and drops of corporate life. The series includes the new T7 tablet, ultraportable W7 and the Y7, all of which way in at 3.7 pounds or less.
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Panasonic Toughbook 52 Announced

ToghBook 52Panasonic annunced the Toughbook 52, its latest semi-rugged desktop replacement notebook, based on Intels's new Santa Rosa chipset.The Toughbook 52 comes equipped with additional security features, a new carrying handle and optional embedded wireless broadband.
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How Tougbooks Get Tough

Panasonic builds a particularly tough notebook that's designed to stand up to whatever first-responders and clumsy businessmen can throw at them. Riyad from Tr...
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Toughbook W5 and Y5 Get Makeovers

Panasonic has updated its lightweight and durable Toughbook eLite notebook line with new colors. The 12.1-inch (2.7in) pound W5 gets âہCrown Blue,âÃ...
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Video: Panasonic Toughbook CF-18

The Panasonic Toughbook is a military-spec Tablet PC that cops and armed forces use in the field. The case is completely sealed to keep the components safe fro...