The Motorola Droid Review Roundup – !DROID!

Android phones have finally hit Verizon Wireless. November 6th saw the launch of both the Motorola Droid ($199 after MIR) and the HTC Droid Eris ($99 after MIR) which brought an air of excitement to Verizon; not seen for quite some time. The Motorola Droid brings a huge screen, 5MP camera, Android 2.0, Google Nav and much more to the Verizon Network. Check out our impression and Motorola Droid Review Roundup.

Fujitsu Updates Offerings for Windows 7 Launch

Today, Fujitsu announced several major modifications to its product line and unveiled a host of new computers. These releases are additions to the Lifebook series, expanding the selection with a couple new tablets, an ultra-thin notebook, a desktop replacement PC, and a mini-notebook. Click the link for the full details of the release!