Droid X Rooted, Spotty WiFi Ensues

A member of AllDroid forums posted that he has successfully rooted the Droid X. Though the bootloader issue may be starting to clear up, a new problem has recen...
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Motorola Droid X Screen Issues

Reports found in various phone forums point out that some Verizon customers are experiencing issues with the Motorola Droid X's 4.3-inch display. Though it does...

Motorola Droid X Announced for Verizon

Today Google, Verizon and Motorola announced the latest Android powered smartphone, the Droid X will be available on July 15th for $199, after a rebate and a 2 ...
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Motorola ROKR E8 Demo

ROCK E8Here's a quick demo of Motorola's ROKR E8, which was announced at CES 2008. The ROKR E8 uses 'morphing' technology to switch its user interface between phone, music and camera modes. The slick glass plate display features haptic touch, which means it vibrates to simulate the experience of touching a physical keypad.
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Motorola Pure H12 Bluetooth Headset (video)

Pure H12 MotoNatalie from Motorola shows off the Moto Pure H12 bluetooth headset with Crystal Talk at CES 2008. Crystal Talk is a noise-reduction technology that makes it easier to hear calls in a noisy environment. The Pure H12 won a CES 2008 Innovations Award.