HP Mini 311 Review Roundup

The HP Mini 311 is one of the first netbooks out that really blurs the line between netbook and full featured notebook, thanks to its NVIDIA ION GPU. That's not all, with an impressive screen and new features coming with Windows 7 and Flash 10.1 the Mini 311 may actually be a netbook with enough power to be the primary PC for average users. We've gathered up the HP Mini 311 reviews and hands on experiences to give you a good look at what you can expect from the little powerhouse.

HP Mini Extended 6-Cell Battery Now Shipping, On Sale for $96

hpmini_6cell_saleThe 6-cell extended battery for the HP Mini 1000 is shipping and on sales for $95.99 after a $24 discount. The Mini 1000 is one of my favorite netbooks, but its standard 3-cell battery just isn't enough for a lot of people. The 6-cell battery doubles the time you can work on the Mini 1000 on a single charge.

How Valuable Are Smartphone Battery Life Figures?

09_nokia_storm_patI do a lot of hands-on research on smartphones. I do this for two reasons. First, I believe they are fast becoming one of the prevalent cloud clients, and second, they are fast becoming a popular device to consume video. AMD obviously is involved in building the cloud with the AMD Opteron Processors but also conversion to make a video smartphone-friendly can take a tremendous amount of compute power, and ATI Radeon HD 4800 series graphics and AMD Phenom II X4 processors do those conversions quite well.