Panasonic Toughbook Survives Snowmobile Torture Test (video)

The Toughbook brand is, well tough, and Panasonic really get’s into showing you just how tough and rugged their Toughbook notebooks are. When they aren’t throwing them of the deck of an aircraft carrier, the team apparently likes to hook them to the back of a snowmobile for a sled free tubing experience through the woods and over a ramp. While we aren’t aware of a work environment where this is a daily thing, except perhaps as a spy in True Lies, it is cool and a testament to the toughness of Toughbooks.

Watch closely at about 50 seconds in to see the Toughbook 19 take a huge bounce off a tree!

In the video above, you see the Toughbook 19, a $3,000 rugged and well crafted machine subjected to worst you can get at the tail end of a snowmobile. Want to get even crazier? The Toughbook 19 wasn’t shut down for the romp through the snow, just closed up, and it is still up and running when the ride is over.

panasonic toughbook snowmobile

We show you a lot of Mil_STD business notebooks, but when you are heading out into harsh environments where you’ll be battling wind, drops, temperature, bigger drops and a snowmobile race — the Toughbook is a step up in the right direction.

When the Toughbook isn’t riding through the woods in the snow, it can be found aiding in the rescue of the trapped Chilean miners. The Panasonic Toughbook U1 and CF-29 notebooks and tablets were used to keep tabs on the health of the miners who spent 69 days underground. For more on the real world application of Toughbooks, check out the Chilean Miner case study (pdf).

If you want to learn the difference between durability and ruggedness, Panasonic’s Degrees of Ruggedness is a good place to start. One thing we’ve learned over the years is that having the right notebook or tablet for the job can be almost as important as having the right people for a job. Not everyone needs a Toughbook, but if you work in rugged,m no holds barred, environments then you may want to send this clip to your finance director when you submit your Toughbook order.