Deal: Moms Get Free Amazon Prime Membership

We just came across a fantastic deal at that could make your Black Friday and holiday shopping a little more joyful (and cheaper). Amazon Mom is a program designed for parents and caregivers that has a number of benefits. The primary benefit is a complimentary Amazon Prime membership, which normally costs $79 per year.

The Amazon Mom program is open to expecting moms, dads and babys’ family members. By signing up at, you automatically get three months of free two-day shipping. Amazon Prime allows shoppers to upgrade to overnight shipping for $3.99 per item. Need a box of diapers for baby or a new laptop after your kid spilled a drink on it? Both can be on your doorstep in less than 24 hours for just $3.99 a pop. Out of paper towels, apple juice or toilet paper? All of those items will be on your door in 48 hours or less.

Amazon Prime is especially useful during the holidays. Amazon allows Prime members to ship items for free anywhere in the continental U.S. in two days or less. Prograsitanting on your Christmas shopping? No problem. As long as Amazon has your gifts in stock, your family and friends will get them within two days and you won’t have to pay a dime for shipping.

Amazon is of course using as a marketing hook and expects families to make their first stop for buying baby’s stuff online. The company will send you marketing emails, targeting the expected birth date or age of your child. The tradeoff for the free Amazon Prime membership will probably be worth the $79 membership however.

For each $25 moms (or dads and grandparents) spend in Amazon’s baby store, Amazon will reward them with an additional free month of Amazon Prime membership. According to Amazon Mom’s fine print, the free membership extends for up to 12 months, but Amazon reserves the right to extend it even further.  Our guess is that Amazon will extend the program, especially for those buying a lot of baby gear.

It’s scout’s honor in terms of taking advantage of signing up for this free service. Amazon isn’t doing any backround checks to make sure that you actually have a toddler running around or a bun in the oven. If you plan on buying your nieces, nephews or grandkids baby stuff, you are allowed to sign up for free under the terms and conditions of the program. is really encouraging shoppers to sign up for the program, even those who are already Amazon Prime members. If you already paid for an Amazon Prime membership this year, Amazon will refund your membership fee on a pro-rated basis, replacing it with the free Amazon Mom’s benefits.

The only downside of switching to the complimentary service is that Amazon Moms only allows you to share the account with one other person. A normal Amazon Prime account allows you to share the benefits with up to four family members. However, it’s pretty easy for others to sign up up for their own Amazon Moms accounts.

We previously mentioned some of the benefits of shopping at on Black Friday rather than braving the local shopping mall. This is yet another example of how is taking the hassle out of shopping online. Prime overnight and two-day delivery service is performed by FedEx and UPS, depending on the source of your items and your zip code. Some items will even be delivered overnight for Saturday delivery. Not bad for $3.99.

To sign up for this free service, visit

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