Black Friday Deals Unveiled Monday, Sure to Impress is set to announce all of its Black Friday deals on Monday, which is just a handful of hours from now. The online retailer has run pre-Black Friday specials on the past four fridays, but its been saving its best deals for this week. If last year’s Black Friday deals are any indication, will have some of the best computer and electronics Black Friday deals of any retailer.

Currently,’s Black Friday page simply has a message that reads:

You’ve come to the right place. And you were smart to get here early because we’re starting early. Come back Monday, November 22, 2010, for a week of amazing Black Friday deals. We’ll be adding new deals all day, every day, so you can visit anytime and find terrific prices. What can you do to get ready?

If you want to be alerted of when’s Black Friday deals are live, you can sign up for notifications on’s Facebook Page or follow the retailer’s deals Twitter account. offers a very viable alternative to camping out in front of Best Buy or Wal-mart overnight on Black Friday. Amazon offers a significant number of laptop, video game, HDTV and other electronics discounts. There’s the possibility that Amazon will in fact offer a wider variety of Black Fridays than any other major electronics retailer. Amazon runs one of the largest data networks in the world, which means Black Friday visitors shouldn’t face any hiccups when visiting the site. We have seen other retailers’ Web sites get bogged down on Black Friday, but we’ve never seen this happen at

So how good do we expect Amazon’s Black Friday deals to be? So good that’ll be tough to actually put your credit card away. Last year, for example, many shoppers impulsively purchased Microsoft’s XBOX 360 when it was offered for just $99 as part of’s early Black Friday sale.

Why Shop at on Black Friday?

There are a few of other reasons besides the price to shop at on Black Friday. Many of the deals will be kicking off before Black Friday, which means you can try and snag these deals first. If you fail, you’ll still have time to plan a trip to the mall on Black Friday. does not charge state sales tax up front, instead leaving it up to its customers to send checks to their state governments at the end of the tax year. Amazon also offers great deals on shipping, with many items shipping for free. If you shop at often, it makes sense to pay $79 per year for Amazon Prime. This program offers unlimited two day shipping on items sold by Amazon and overnight shipping for just $3.99 per item.

Unlike other retailers, Amazon will have a good number of units in stock of each Black Friday laptop or gadget. Many brick and mortar stores will only have a handful of each advertised laptop or gadget on hand. Some, such as Radio Shack guarantee as few as two copies of some of their Black Friday specials at each store. also has one of the most generous return policies we’ve seen. While some retailers charge restocking fees and will make you pay for shipping an item back to them, Amazon does not charge a restocking fee on electronics. It also allows shoppers up to 30 days to decide to return big-ticket items, such as HDTVs. Some retailers, such as Best Buy charge a 15% restocking fee on opened items. The only retailer that has a more generous return policy is Costco, which offers a 90 day window to return your electronics purchases.

Understanding return policies is especially important if your Black Friday purchase is a Christmas gift. Black Friday falls on November 26 this year, which puts the tail end of a 30 day return policy on the day after Christmas for items purchased on Black Friday. If you’re traveling for the holidays, it may be difficult or impossible to return an item to a retail location immediately after Christmas, which also happens to be one of the busiest shopping days of the year. With, you simply need to login to your account, click a few buttons to let Amazon know that you’re returning your purchase and print a shipping label. In some instances, Amazon will ask that you pay for the return shipping fees and deduct the price of shipping from your refund.

Visit the Black Friday deals page for more Black Friday deals and learn what you should know before buying a laptop on Black Friday.