Black Friday: Free $15 Gift Card w/ 8GB iPod Nano at Radio Shack

1161725_sb.jpgRadio shack is offering a free $15 gift card with the purchase of an 8GB iPod Nano on Black Friday. Radio Shack is not offering a discount on the iPod Nano, keeping with the MSRP of $149.99 on Black Friday.

The iPod Nano has a multi-touch display and a number of other improvements compared to last year’s iPod Nano. It is extremely compact, making it easy to clip on a shirt or bag. While most people would be very happy to receive the iPod Nano as a gift, the iPod Touch is a significantly better value since it runs iOS4 and virtually all of the apps built for iPhone. The iPod Touch retails for $229, but you’ll be able to get a great deal this Black Friday in the form of a $20 to $50 gift card.

The iPod Nano will be available at select Radio Shack locations with the free $15 gift card.

For more information, Please visit the Black Friday page.

Here is a video of the latest iPod Nano.