How to embed PowerPoint or Excel Files On a Web Page or WordPress

Sharing a PowerPoint Presentation or an Excel spreadsheet on a webpage or blog is now simple to do thanks to Office Web Apps. With a free account teachers or speakers can embed a PowerPoint or excel file on their webpage and teams can share schedules or calculators easily by embedding the file right on a shared website.

How to Embed a PowerPoint or Excel file on a webpage.

  1. Create the presentation you want to share like normal.
  2. Upload it to in your public folder
  3. Copy the Embed code from the “More” drop down as shown below.

  4. Paste that code into the HTML section of your web page or blogging software.
  5. Enjoy!

You can see a sample of what an embedded PowerPoint file looks like below and find more detailed instructions on embedding a PowerPoint on a blog or detailed instructions on embedding an Excel file on your web page.

How to Embed Office Web Apps in WordPress:

You can’t embed an Office Web App on a blog, but you can embed it in WordPress by adding the <code> embed info </code> in the HTML editor of a post.

When it comes to embedding Excel files, you can choose to embed the whole file, a sheet or just a graph giving you a good deal of control. Another cool thing is that, unlike uploading a copy for your reader to download, the embedded version will stay up to date with any changes you make.