Evernote Trunk Announced, Full of Useful Tools Integrating the Service

Evernote Trunk was announced today by the service’s CEO Phil Libin at a San Francisco event. Evernote is a multi-platform service designed to help users “Remember Everything” as their home page proclaims. Users can collect and synchronize data from various sources including the Internet or other programs integrating Evernote. It can be installed as a separate program on Windows or Mac computers as well as most mobile phones.

Evernote Trunk is a collection of different services, products or hardware devices that have integrated the Evernote API. One example is a an iPhone/iPad app that I use regularly called OliveTree. It is a Bible Reader that allows you to take notes on the passages you read and sync them with your Evernote account.

To access the Trunk you can click on the new button that is added to the program’s Windows and Mac versions now. You can also view Evernote Trunk Partners in your web browser.

The web version will have Trunk sometime today and the iPad app will include it soon. At launch there are almost 100 services or devices in five different categories including Mobile, Desktop & Web, Hardware, Gear and Notebooks.

The goal is to expose users of the service to these partners who have included Evernote functionality in their products. This includes hardware like the Eye-Fi SD card that allows users to automatically upload pictures and videos taken with a digital camera using an Eye-Fi card. It also allows you to wirelessly send those pictures to your Evernote account.

Other examples include Dial2Do which is a voice transcription startup that allows you to, “Just speak to get things done” and Voice2Note which allows you to dial in and leave a voice note in Evernote.

Other products include Seesmic, Read It Later, and more. It is a kind of “app store” for Evernote, although that is not entirely accurate as the services are free. In the future there will be “in-trunk commerce” meaning you can add tools to Evernote for a fee paid to third-party vendors.

Some of Evernote’s partners are included in this video announcement:

Evernote is currently experiencing heavy web traffic which is preventing some users, including myself from accessing the full website. If you experience an error, try back later to check out Evernote Trunk.

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