Best Buy Connect, an Alternative Mobile Broadband Service

Best Buy is entering the into the mobile broadband market with its new Best Buy Connect service. In addition to getting connected, there’s a price break for signing a contract; but it’s not required.

Best Buy sells many laptops that are manufactured with integrated WWAN modems. Consumers may now opt to use Best Buy’s new Connect service plans instead of AT&T’s, Verizon’s, or Sprint’s. The advantage in doing so is that Best Buy offers more attractive subsidies with their service plans. In fact, Best Buy offers $275 off a compatible laptop, which is $125 more than AT&T, $75 more than Verizon, and $25 more than Sprint.

Plan pricing is comparable to other service providers.

In order to determine what plan is for you, check out this chart that Best Buy put together, showing how much data different actions consume.

Best Buy Connect offers one and two-year contracts, as well as contract-free packages. The $275 discount is only available for those purchasing a one or two-year contract.

Check and see if your area is in Best Buy Connect’s coverage area, here. For more information visit the Best Buy Connect Homepage.

Via Engadget, Best Buy Connect

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