All Palm WebOS Applications 50% off

Most likely a result of HP purchasing Palm and its WebOS platform, all WebOS apps are now 50% off. If you are using a Palm Pre, Pixi, or any other WebOS based phone, head on over to the App Catalog and take advantage of the 50% discount of the entire catalog.

On Thursday, AT&T and Palm announced in a webinar that Palm’s entire App Catalog would go on sale for 50% off. This sale is rumored to be in effect from today to July 9th.

If you happen to be a developer of a WebOS app, you stand to make a pretty penny. Even though the price of your app(s) will be cut in half, Palm is subsidizing you. This means you get the same amount  you normally would. However, because it is 50% off, more customers will be likely to purchase your app. Congrats to all you developers!

Head on over to the App Catalog on your WebOS-based device and take advantage of all the 1/2 off apps!

Via Palm and MobileCrunch

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