Kindle Comes Standard on ASUS Netbooks and Notebooks

Today ASUS announced that new notebooks and netbooks from ASUS will come with Amazon’s Kindle for PC software preinstalled. The software, which is available as a free download, will be a pre-installed along with other standard software.

The Amazon Kindle software allows users to read ebooks from the Kindle store on their notebook and, when on the go, continue reading on a Kindle or device with Kindle software. Users will have access to over 540,000 books with including most NY Times bestsellers for $9.99.

Kindle for PC is available today and comes preinstalled on the following ASUS Eee PC Netbooks with battery life up to 11 hours:

And on the following ASUS ultra thin and light UL Series notebooks featuring over 11 hours of battery life:

As Amazon ramps up for a fight with Apple’s iBooks bookstore we might see Amazon teaming up with more manufacturers to include Kindle for PC on their notebooks and netbooks.

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