Mac sales are up– and not just the iPad

apple-store-man4-071010-1By now, we have all heard that the iPad pre-order is making big sales, something on the order of 120,000 pre-ordered on the first day.  Not too shabby for Apple.  Then again, the iPhone had no pre-orders and hit over 200,000 on opening day.  It will be fun to watch your local Apple store on April 3rd.

But, there is also good news on the Mac front. Remember, the devices that arent an iPad? According to some new reports, Apple Mac sales are up almost 40% from previous years and iPod sales are up 7%.  It looks to be a good quarter for Apple.

From Engadget:

Well, it looks like it’s not just iPad pre-orders that are possibly be beating a few expectations — according to NPD, sales of Macs and iPods were also up over some estimates in January and February. Citing the report, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster says that sales of Macs were up 39% year over year for the two months (ahead of estimates of 22%), which should translate to sales of between 2.8 to 2.9 million Macs for the full quarter, while iPod sales were up 7% during the same period, suggesting total iPod sales of between nine and ten million for the first quarter. That latter number may actually be the more impressive of the two, as it marks the first time iPod sales have rebounded into positive territory in a full sixteen months — although that trend could just as easily be reversed again if, say, Apple rolls out a new iPhone that cuts into iPod sales.

So, even though the world has gone crazy once again for one of Apple’s newest creations, dont leave out the slow but steady Mac.  Mac minis and Macbooks are still one of the better buys out there for new computers– when it comes to reliablity and ease of use.  When all the hype dies down, this is what Apple can count on to make those wonderful profits Steve Jobs, the Apple employees, and the Wall Street analysts love to see.

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