CES: Sony’s dash-ing Personal Internet Viewer

Sony is jumping on the touchscreen bandwagon- earlier today at CES, the company introduced the dash, a funky 7-inch tablet created for instant Internet access. The device appears to run mainly on widget applications, meaning that users will be able to customize it to do what they like but will have somewhat limited functionality. The dash uses Chumby OS and is probably very similar to the Chumby One device.  Pricing for the dash is a dollar short of $200. It’ll be available later this year around April.

Sony DashWhile the idea of a lightweight gadget that provides easy Internet access sounds appealing, many people already have similar capabilities on their smartphones and may be unwilling to buy an additional product solely for the larger screen. More so, sources imply that the dash won’t be portable; Engadget reports that there’s no battery meaning you’ll always need to keep it connected to a power outlet! This sounds like a serious issue Sony’s Internet Viewer will face: why buy a dash when you can get a decent netbook for only about $100 more?

We’ll have to see what happens with the dash and how it does when Apple’s promised materializes. You can check out the full of the press release about the product at Sony’s website.

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