CES: Nyko + Wii = A Better Wiimote

Though some Nyko accessories have always struck me as impractical, I was particularly excited by their latest announcement from CES. Soon Nyko will release the Wand+, a Wii controller with the snazzy Wii Motion Plus technology already built-in! Wii Motion Plus allows a better and more precise control experience and really enhances gameplay in some of the newer titles. Unfortunately, it’s an extra add-on and costs about $20. Though I consider myself a pretty dedicated gamer, I still haven’t purchased the Wii Motion Plus accessory because I can’t really justify the cost.

NYKO LogoNyko’s Wand+ controller offers a great solution for people like me. The Wand+ is due in March and will cost around $39.99. The product itself is already a Wii controller, meaning that I’m essentially getting the Wii Motion Plus upgrade for free! You can check out some hands-on photos with the Wand+ via Engadget.

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