CES: Intel Will Power Your Green House of the Future

IMG_1015As part of a Digital Crib tour of the future Intel showed off a concept home control device that has real time 2-way communication between the device and the your HDTV and every appliance.

The system can tell you how much you are paying for every appliance in your house and if you want to save money it can even help you. For example you could find more energy efficient appliances such as a new HDTV or; if you prefer to keep your current appliance you can get tips to make your usage more efficient. One example shown was to automatically turn off your TV when you leave the house. You tell the system you leave by hitting a switch on the system as you walk out of the house.

The whole system was powered by Atom and users can add in a new apps like A UPS tracking system or leave messages and notes for people in your house.

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