And the Winner is………

Thank you to everyone that participated in the HP Magic Giveaway here at We asked our readers to earn entry points by spreading the word about the contest and telling us how they’d share the magic with others. More points were awarded to those who agreed to share their prize package and especially to those who agreed to share the package with a school or non-profit.

We had some very deserving people and organizations enter the contest, but unfortunately we only had one prize package to award. Fortunately there are still several sites running contests with the same great prize package. Click here for a full list of participating sites.

Thank you to HP, Microsoft, Buzz Corps and all of the other blogs that supported this contest.

And the winner is…

I’ve spent all evening exporting data from our database and all of the social networking sites, sifting through the entries, assigning the correct number of points to each entry to each entry and formatting the whole mess into an Excel workbook. When everything was said and done I pulled a random ticket number on and turned on screen recording. I turned on screen recording and this is how we picked the winner:

Congratulations to entry #3364, whose user name on the forums is “dhodge”. Congratulations! You’ve just won the ultimate HP/Microsoft prize package.

The winning entry was this forum post, which earned dhodge 15 entry points:

“As I wrote in the 2pc thread, my stepfather passed away from non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in January. He went through a stem cell transplant; the procedures he followed were very similar to Leukemia patients. That has given me more thoughts and care toward Leukemia patients, so I would be thankful to give the HP Touchsmart all-in-one PC and netbook to Children’s Hospital and Research Center, Oakland.

I think it is encouraging and cool that HP runs their contest this way, that people can lift their eyes in even difficult times to think about helping others!”

We’re sorry to hear of your loss and thank you for sharing the magic with others. We hope this prize brings some joy to your family this holiday season and I’m sure the staff and kids at Oakland Children’s Hospital will appreciate your kind donation.

Thank you again to everyone involved in this contest and pelase stay tuned for some more giveaways.

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