Dell Notebook Electrifying User?

A user reports that his 17-inch Dell 9400 is giving off voltage when it’s plugged in through screws on the bottom of his notebook. Dell replaced his original notebook after the voltage problem fried his RAM and GPU.

From NotebooksForum user ViriiGuy:

“When I am using the laptop on my lap, my wife says I feel like a 9 volt battery. Given the fact I have 3 brand new less than 1 week old systems here, all with the same problem, I would almost guarantee this is a much ore widespread problem than anyone knows.

Randy (aka ViriiGuy) asked others who owned similar Dell notebooks suche as the Dell e1705 to test their notebooks to see if they have the same problem, and at least one other user has replicated it.

We’re going to keep an eye on this to see if this is a widespread problem. Hopefully, it’s a somewhat isolated incident and Dell responds quickly to anyone who faces similar issues.

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Dell called today to say there is no risk of injury to consumers, but are looking into the issue. The user and others who have experienced the problem are using Dell-supplied two-prong power adapters.

â€ÂWeâ€â„¢re aware of the reported incident and we are working to try and get in touch with the customer to test the notebook,â€ÂÃƒâ€šÃ‚ said Anne Camden, a Dell spokesperson. âہAnything that uses a two prong and a floating ground in the AC adapter has the potential to produce a tingling sensation.â€ÂÃƒâ€šÃ‚

All users that have reported the problem thus far have used two-prong power adapters. Those who have switched to three-prong adapters have eliminated the problem.

“The compact two-prong power cord used with this Inspiron 9400 is now considered a standard in the industry, and it is sometimes possible that these more compact two-prong power cords would allow the current described by the customer,â€ÂÃƒâ€šÃ‚ the company said in a statement. These industry standard power cords allow Dell customers greater flexibility in finding replacement cords or new cords when they accidentally leave them behind or when traveling through multiple countries,” the company said in a written statement.
Camden pointed out this is not the first incident of notebooks leaking voltage. Some users reported similar issues with older Apple notebooks when using two-prong adapters.

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