Noteboooks Security Tips

How To Encrypt a Folder Using TrueCrypt

If you have financial files or other personal documents that you need to keep private then you should look at encrypting and password protecting a folder on you...

Stop Laptop Thieves With LAlarm

Have you been looking for a good way to add a bit of protection to your notebook? Not anti-virus protection, but protection from a fast fingered felon who might...

Give your Notebook New Life – Part:1

The day you realize that your notebook is old and has started to take longer to open applications and perform even simple tasks isn't a fun one. With a New Y...
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FBI Loses 160 Laptops: Lessons to Learn

LoJack CEO Unfortunately, no individual or group is immune to laptop theft. In today's mobile world, computer theft is commonplace. Many organizations are grappling with how to secure and accurately track laptop computers. The FBI is no exception.