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What You Need to Know About Subsidized Netbooks From AT&T and Verizon

If you've been paying attention to commercials lately you may have noticed that many cell phone companies are now selling netbooks, small cheap computers, with a high speed data connection at a subsidized price just like their phones. Given all the cool things that Bill Kurtis can do with the internet on his AT&T netbook you might be tempted to get one of your own and use its 3g connection instead of paying for highspeed from your cable company but before you do that you better read the rest of this post.

Airline In-Flight WiFi Offerings Compared

Even though I'm no road warrior, I am a connection junkie. That's why I've been following the inclusion of in-flight WiFi on more and more airlines over the last year pretty closely. Thanks in large part to a push by Virgin, eight airlines now offer in-flight WiFi on at least some of their planes which means it's easier than ever to find a flight that will hook you up to your twitter page at 30,000 feet. While there are eight airlines offering WiFi, there are actually 3 different companies that provide the rather expensive service to airlines and their speeds and abilities vary greatly which prompted dvice to assemble a handy comparison chart for in Flight WiFi.

AT&T Expands 3G Netbook Program Nationwide

cing_logoAT&T's announced that it will beging selling Acer, Dell and Lenovo netbooks at its 2,200 retail locations and online statring this summer. The netbooks are are heavily subsidized by AT&T, but you do need to sign a two-year contract to get the discount.
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SprintSecure Laptop Guardian

Sprint Secure Sprint and Alcatel-Lucent are rolling out the SprintSecure Laptop Guardian, a PC Card that combines a 3G modem, linux computer and battery to provide comprehensive security. If a SpintSecure-equipped computer is lost or stolen it can be locked down remotely by an admin, who can also wipe the drive's contents if he wants.
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HP Business Notebooks Get Integrated Sprint EVDO Rev. A

SprintHP announced it will integrate Sprint mobile broadband into several HP business notebooks PCs. The companies will jointly market HP business notebooks. Integrated Sprint EVDO Rev. A. will initially be available on the HP Compaq 2710p Tablet, 6510b, 6910p and the 8510 series.
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Dell Notebooks Get Internal Sprint EVDO Cards

Dellâ€â„¢s teamed up with Sprint to offer integrated EVDO mobile broadband in an expanded range of notebooks.  Starting today you ca...