Gift Guide: Sansa Clip+ Is a Perfect MP3 Player for Runners, Walkers and Hikers

Do you have a runner, walker or otherwise active family member you need a gift for this year? If so we’ve found a great mp3 player you can get them without breaking the bank on an iPod Nano or iPod Shuffle– a Sandisk Sansa Clip+.

This small MP3 Player from Sandisk may not have as many flashy colors of an iPod Shuffle or a multitouch display but it is inexpensive and perfect for taking on a run or a hike without worrying that it will get scuffed up or lost.

Starting at $29.99 for a 2GB Sansa Clip+ the Clip+ is a really affordable MP3 player that is also a quality device. We’ve used the previous model of the Clip+ for over a year as a workout and coat pocket device that is always with us. It’s almost a companion MP3 player the way a netbook is a companion to a larger more capable laptop.

The Sansa Clip+ 2GB can hold about 500 songs and is compatible with Audible which makes it a great device to load up with audio books for the gym or hiking through the woods. Runners in particular have noted that they like the easy to use square controls for skipping tracks without the need to break pace and look for the right button. Reviewers also praise the s0und quality of the Clip+ and love the microSD card slot which can be used to add more memory down the road.

The Sansa Clip+ works with many file types including MP3’s purchased from Amazon and is compatible with the Rhapsody Music Subscription service.

The Clip+ is a great gift for the active person in your life or for someone who wants a simple to use MP3 player such as an older family member or a young child looking for his or her fist mp3 player.

The [amazon_link id=”B002MAPSQM” target=”_blank” ]Sansa Clip+[/amazon_link] comes in three sizes [amazon_link id=”B002MAPSQM” target=”_blank” ]2GB[/amazon_link], [amazon_link id=”B002MAPT7U” target=”_blank” ]4GB[/amazon_link] and [amazon_link id=”B002MAPS6W” target=”_blank” ]8GB[/amazon_link] for $29.99, $34.99 and $48.99 respectively at You can also find these devices in stores, but you may have trouble finding them as cheap.

Here’s a closer look at the Sandisk Sansa Clip+ on video: