Sony Move on the Move with 4.1M PlayStation Move Controllers Shipped

Upon hearing Microsoft’s announcement of 2.5 Million Xbox Kinects sold in the first 25 days, Sony must not have wanted to be upstaged. They announced that they have shipped 4.1 Million PlayStation Move controllers … to retailers, according to Engadget.


However, this is not comparing two of the same. Microsoft’s report was of sales while Sony is reporting the number shipped out to stores. What if 4 Million of them go unsold? That likely won’t happen, but before you believe reports that are misstating the facts, you should know that Sony isn’t releasing actual sales figures yet.

Also it is worth noting that to use PlayStation Move all players need a controller, unlike the Kinect which can act as the controller for everyone playing. So a family of Four will need to purchase four Move controllers while the same family would only need one Kinect accessory. This is important because it speaks to the install base for the technology which is often used by publishers to decide which motion based tech to use when making a new game.

Below is a review of the Move:

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