Black Friday Deal: US Cellular Offers $150 Statement Credit for New Line and Not So New Smartphone

In order to spur some early Christmas shopping, US Cellular has a Black Friday deal for people opening up a contract on a new line while buying a smart phone. The customer will get $150 credit towards their bill if they meet the following requirements:

  • USCellularOpen a new line – either as a new customer or adding a new line to an existing plan
  • Buy a smart phone
  • Do so by the end of Monday, Nov. 29

The program is called the $150 Smartphone Activation Credit. You can get it by going to a store now, calling the carrier or going to their website.

If a customer does buy a smartphone from US Cellular they can expect to pay a least $70/month on the Primary Plus Plan which comes with the following:

  • 5GB of data
  • Unlimited text, picture and video messaging
  • GPS navigation
  • Unlimited incoming calls from any phone during nights and weekends
  • Free calls between mobile phones on US Cellular
  • 450 minutes.

A family plan like the Essential Plus Family would be $139.99/month with 1500 shared minutes plus the benefits above but on two lines.

Some of the smart phones they offer include the Samsung Mesmerize, an Android phone with a 4” Super AMOLED touch screen and a 5MP camera. It only comes with Android 2.1, however. It costs $99.99. See below left.


Another option would be the HTC Desire for $49.99. It is also an Android 2.1 phone with a fast 1GHz Snapdragon processor. The screen is 3.7” and also has a 5MP camera.

These are not the latest or greatest Android phones on the market, but if you are already a US Cellular customer looking to add a new line or for a basic smartphone, they might be a good option. Over the life of a two-year contract remember that $150 would only amount to monthly savings of $6.25. It might be better to go with a company that has some more up to date offerings and pay the extra six bucks.