DocuSign Adds Mobile Functionality on the iPad and iPhone

DocuSign, the leader in the electronic signature market with more than 70 percent of the market share, announced today that it will be adding more features for more platforms, making e-signing a more intuitive and secure process.

DocuSign allows for a more intuitive way of signing documents. It used to be that, electronically, you would have to print out the document, sign it, scan it, and send it back. Using DocuSign, the physical paper copies have been made obsolete.

The real mobile news here is DocuSign’s new application for the iPhone and iPad. This new app allows sending, signing, and viewing capabilities. It also allows the user to take a photo of a document and add “sign here” tabs.

How does DocuSign really keep the e-signing process secure. To me, it seems as though anyone could act like someone else and sign for them. DocuSign remedied this security issue by partnering with Authentify. With this partnership, users confirm their identity over the phone, using a biometric voiceprint.

With this new app and DocuSign’s continued effort in improving its service, signing physical copies may become a thing of the past. DocuSign created an app back in February called ESIGNControl. Until the release of its new app, you can download DocuSign’s ESIGNControl app for your iPhone today for $2.99.

Via MobileBeat, DocuSign Press Release