Intel Atom Developer Program announces Accelerator 2010

It looks like Intel is keeping up with what the started back at CES this year with their Intel Atom Developer Programs  with things like Intel App Up and the Million Dollar Development Fund.  And now, they are announcing a new feature to their programs Accelerator 2010.

The Accelerator 2010 program builds on top of the already successful Fast Track and Dollars for Downloads program launched a few months ago.  The idea behind Accelerator is to “provide funds for the development of breakthrough or advanced netbook applications.   We are looking for exceptional, compelling applications that will help bring new consumer usage models to Intel Atom processor-based netbooks, especially apps that demonstrate creativity and show potential for significant growth and broad consumer appeal.”  Its all about the developers get their product from the development stage into the hands of consumers as quickly as possible.

To apply for this new program,  just fill out the online submission form here.