Must Have Travel Tool Adds Outlets to Your Notebook Power Adapter

I’ve seen some cool things, but the Elecom Power Strip Adapter is one of the coolest gadgets that a frequent traveler can add to his or her bag for $20. As you can see from the picture this adapter, adds 2 extra outlets to your power adapter giving you an extension cord and powerstrip wherever you are.

The adapter is available in a 2-prong model for $15 and a 3-prong grounded model for $21; but sadly is only available in Japan for the time being.

This is perfect for plugging in the iPad power brick for a faster charge than you can get over most USB ports or handling one of the few gadgets that still can’t be charged by USB.

Engadget points out that a Triple Tap ($1.50+) will give you similar access to extra plugs, but you lose out on the ability to bring the plugs 6 feet from the outlet for easy access on a hotel desk.

Bottom Line: If you spend more than one weekend on the road in poorly laid out hotel rooms, you need the Elecom Power Strip Adapter. Let’s hope it makes it to the U.S. soon.


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