Windows 7 Family Pack Dissapears For the Holidays

If you were hoping to upgrade all the computers in your house to Windows 7 as a present to your loved ones, and let’s be honest an upgrade from Vista really will show you care, you’re going to have to pay extra. In a move that makes about as much sense for pleasing your customers as handing out coal filled stockings, Microsoft has discontinued the 3 license Windows 7 Family Pack.

WindowsITPro reports that stock of the discounted Windows 7 upgrade is already drying up at online retailers like Newegg; and though you can get it in some local stores, you’ll pay a premium for it.

This move really baffles me, especially when it seemed that Microsoft was on to something with their “Windows 7 was my idea” marketing campaign; they go and make a Balmer-headed decision like this. Seriously Redmond, If you want to keep your camp of Microsoft loyalists happy, make it easy and affordable for your heavy users and families to stay on Windows.

I’m Josh Smith and Windows 7 was my idea; Microsoft just wasn’t listening.

Paul Thurrott suggests we all head over to the Windows Team Blog to let them know how we feel about the decision.

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