Dell Adamo Unboxed (video)

dell_adamo-10I got my hands on Dell’s Adamo, which is world’s thinnest notebook and the most stylish Dell I’ve ever seen. It is a beautiful piece of machinery and something I’d like to own.

Adamo is Dell’s new luxury label and while it’s made by Dell, it has nothing in common with other notebooks sold by the company.

Dell’s definitely scored some points in my book with this notebook. I’m not crazy about the site or overall marketing image, but then again I’m not in this product’s target demographic.

It’s unfortunate that it’s being released in the midst of a global recession as computer buyers are flocking to cheaper notebooks and netbooks.

Here’s a quick video I shot today of myself unboxing the Adamo.

My initial thoughts after playing with the Adamo:


  • Beautiful Design- It will definitely turn heads and the attention to detail is stunning.
  • Thin- The lower half of the notebook is almost as thin as an iPhone.
  • Luxurious- It just feels good to use. Excellent finishes.
  • No Stickers- It’s minor, but it really improves the out-of-box experience
  • Backlit keyboard-  Looks really good in the dark and feels comfortable to use.
  • AC Adapter- Nice, customized power adapter that’s thin and has built-in prongs. You can ditch the long cord behind.


  • Performance/Value Ratio- With the Adamo you’re paying for style and thinness, not performance.
  • Display- The test unit I played with had a lot of light leaking out of its edges and ripples when I touched the lid while it was powered on. Not sure if the unit I saw was pre-production or not though.
  • Price- Yes, some users will pay a steep premium for aesthetics, but the $1,999 starting point will keep most consumers away from experiencing the best of what Dell has to offer. If want all the extras you’ll have to pay about $3,000.
  • Ports-All of the ports are on the back of the Adamo, which will make plugging in the AC adapter and peripherals a pain.

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