Lenovo Recalls ThinkPad Batteries

Lenovo announced a major notebook battery recall today after fice customers complained about their ThinkPads overheating after dropping them. The recall is for 208,000 9-cell batteries manufactured by Sanyo and sold by Lenovo from November of 2005 until February 2007.

This recall is unrelated to past recalls of batteries manufactured by Sony. Lenovo and Sanyo have redesigned the battery pack to ensure safety. No injuries have been reported, but one user experienced minor eye irritation.
The affected 9-cell battery was sold as original equipment or as replacements for ThinkPad R60 and R60e Series, Thinkpad T60 and T60p Series, ThinkPad Z60m, Z61e, Z61m and Z61p Series notebooks. If you own one of the above models, check the label for part number FRU P/N 92P1131.

Lenovo is asking users to discontinue use immediately and request a free replacement. Replacements will arrive in about four weeks.

Lenovo has an online tool that will tell you if your battery is part of the recall.

link to Lenovo Battery Recall page

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