UMPC-ish thing…



The S-XGen from Seamless Internet has got to be one of the most clunky device we’ve seen. What the company calls “radically designed” and a “PDA on Steroids” features a fold-out keyboard and runs on Windows CE. The thing is bulky, like a brick and what annoys me most about this product is the company insists it’s a Ultramobile PC (UMPC). I visited their booth last night at CES 2007 and they tried to tell me that their system is better that Sony’s and the other UMPC manufacturers because it’s got the foldout keyboard. I asked them why they were promoting it as a UMPC if it’s running Windows CE and a rep told me it’s because “…well it’s an ultramobile computer.” I’m tagging this company and device as a complete joke after the same rep said one of the best features of the device is it has both “802.11 and WiFi.”

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