Gateway MX6920 $649, Toshiba L35-S261 for $399

Gateway MX6920

Circuit City is offering up a bunch holiday deals on notebooks and electronics right now. The Gateway MX6920 is on sale for $649.99, the Toshiba L35-S261 for $399 after rebate.
The Toshiba Satellite L35-S2161 is a 15.4â€ÂÃƒâ€šÃ‚ widescreen with Intel Celeron M410 processor,512 MB of RAM, 80GB hard drive and DVD burner. A bit antiquated, but this is a budget notebook.
The Gateway MX6920, which originally sold for $999, includes an Intel Core Duo processor, 120GB drive, double-layer DVD burner and 1 GB if memory.
Circuit City also has blowout prices on HDTVâ€â„¢s and digital cameras.
link: Circuit City