Sony Vaio Notebooks To Ship With Chrome. Does it Matter?

google chromeAccording to Beta News, Google representatives have confirmed that the Sony Vaio Line of notebooks will be the first computers to ship with the Google Chrome browser. This partnership offers Google Chrome, which currently has a 2.6% market share amongst browsers, an opportunity to catch up to major competitors like Safari, Opera and Firefox.

Save up to $350 on Sony Vaio Notebooks

tt_gallery4Sony is offering some substantial rebates on their popular line of Vaio notebooks. Read on to see what deals and rebates are available direct from the manufacturer:

Microsoft’s New ‘Laptop Hunters’ Ad (video)

microsoft_laptop_hunters_3Microsoft's new Laptop Hunters ad follows a mother and son who are shopping for an entertainment notebook that costs $1,500 or less. The pair settle on a Sony VAIO FW series notebook after 11-year old Jackson observes that MacBooks are "way more money dude..."