macworld 2009

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Rickshaw Bagworks – Beyond the bag (w/video)

I cannot tell you how bored I have been when searching for a decent laptop bag for my Macbook Pro. I am always looking for a bag that has the right balance of style, function, and of course price. While at Macworld I think I discovered a brilliant bag maker that goes above and beyond in a variety of ways.

Macworld 2009: Eikon Digital Privacy Manager & 1Password (Video)

How many passwords do you use daily logging on and off your computer, your favorite social network, or to pay bills online? Some of us don't have much of an issue with this because our browsers autofill and remember much of that information for us, but is that really safe? What if you lost your notebook or even worse, it was stolen? I may have found a great solution to ease your woes and make you look incredibly cool as you slide you instantly log onto your computer with the swipe of your finger!

Apple Intros Unibody 17-inch MacBook Pro, No Removeable Battery

17-inchmacbookproApple announced a redesigned 17-inch MacBook Pro at MacWorld, featuring its relatively new unibody design that's used in the rest of the Apple notebook lineup. The base configuration comes with 4GB of RAM, a 320GB hard drive, NVIDIA 9400M and 9600M graphics.
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Macworld 2009: Day 1 First Impressions

I am currently at Macworld and have been since the keynote. One of the questions asked frequently by those who are not attending is "So, how is it compared to p...

Macworld 2009: Skype Updates & Partnership (Video)

One of my favorite chat and VoIP services Skype announced their new release for the Mac. The Skype 2.8 beta should be available by the time this article is posted and features a couple significant upgrades. Watch the video for more.

Does Macworld need Apple?

For over 20 years Apple fanboys and enthusiasts have congregated to an annual event known as Macworld Expo. As a lover of Apple products myself, I have attended the expo the last two years and will be sharing my experience at Macworld 2009 here at You may have heard that Apple recently announced that Macworld Expo 2009 would be their last. Apple does not organize the event so this does not mean it will be canceled, but without them does that mean that expo is done for? Will fanboys weep in the streets the first full week of January each year? Not anytime soon.