What You Need to Know About Subsidized Netbooks From AT&T and Verizon

If you've been paying attention to commercials lately you may have noticed that many cell phone companies are now selling netbooks, small cheap computers, with a high speed data connection at a subsidized price just like their phones. Given all the cool things that Bill Kurtis can do with the internet on his AT&T netbook you might be tempted to get one of your own and use its 3g connection instead of paying for highspeed from your cable company but before you do that you better read the rest of this post.

Sony Ericsson W518a: Meet AT&T’s New Facebook Phone

brittany_w518a_front_openFacebook, Facebook, Facebook! Things are really heating up for the social network especially on the news that it acquired Friendfeed which could provide it a leg up on its competitor Twitter. Why am I starting out a phone review with a news update for Facebook? Well because the Sony Ericsson W518a, which runs on AT&T’s network, is all but called a Facebook phone.

AT&T Expands 3G Netbook Program Nationwide

cing_logoAT&T's announced that it will beging selling Acer, Dell and Lenovo netbooks at its 2,200 retail locations and online statring this summer. The netbooks are are heavily subsidized by AT&T, but you do need to sign a two-year contract to get the discount.

AT&T Selling $49 Netbooks, ThinkPad X200 at Select Retail Locations

att_logoAT&T announced that it is selling subsidized netbooks for between $49.99 and $349.99 with the purchase of a two-year mobile broadband contract. AT&T will also offer the Lenovo ThinkPad X200 with an integrated 3G modem for $849 with a 2-year AT&T DataConnect plan. The netbooks and ThinkPad will be available in a handful of AT&T stores in Philadelphia and Atlanta on a trial basis.
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All ThinkPad SL, T and X Series Notebooks Get 3G

All Lenovo ThinkPad SL, T and X series notebooks will now come standard with an embedded 3G card to connect to AT&T mobile broadband network. The internal 3G card was previously an option on these ThnkPads and cost up to $150.
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BlackJack II Coming on Black Friday

Samsung BlackJack IIThe second coming of the BlackJack will be available from AT&T starting on Black Friday. The BlackJack II is a huge improvement over the original BlackJack according to Samsung. The BlackJack II will cost $149.99 after rebates with a two-year contract.