Black Friday

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Black Friday: $299 HP Notebook at Staples

The rumored Black Friday ad for Staples has leaked out and on the front cover are several Black Friday notebook deals; the cheapest of which is an un-named HP n...

Watch Out For Bad Black Friday Netbook Deals

Every year manufacturers and retailers roll out cheap one notebook and netbook configurations for Black Friday. Many times these low cost computers are alright for basic users who only want to surf the web and browse photos; but some cheap netbooks sold on Black Friday are cheap for a reason. They aren't any good. Case in point, the $119 Delstar 7 Inch Wireless Netbook 05 being sold at Kmart on Black Friday this year is a horrible buy.

The 2009 Black Friday Predictions Have Arrived

As Xavier mentioned in his hands on look at the new Dell Inspiron 14z it's almost time for the Christmas shopping season. For dealseekers that means but one thing, Black Friday! It's only September but there's already a collection of 2009 Black Friday Predictions to help you make your shopping lists.