A 1TB rugged notebook from GammaTech

gammatechOne terabyte on a notebook?!  I never thought we’d see the day that a notebook would have that much storage capacity natively.  Well, now there is one.

GammaTech has created the D14 E-series of notebooks, a rugged notebook with 1 terabyte storage capacity. The E-Series is tested using the military 810F guidelines.  Meaning?  Its tested  for drop, shock, spill and dust protection.  This is standard for most rugged notebooks, including the popular Panasonic Toughbook.

The specifications on the E-Series, according to the article at Notebook Review:

The E-Series comes in three models (E1, E2, and E3), each with two shock-mounted 500GB disk drives with RAID controller, 2GHz Intel Core Duo processor, four USB 2.0 ports, Windows 7 or Vista, and a 14.1″ WXGA/WXGA+ TFT display. GammaTech claims the E0 is configured for maximum data capacity and performance,” the E1 provides real-time data backup and sync, and the E2 allows users to organize data into two separate 500GB hard disk drives.

There is no word on when this new notebook will come out, but it will definitely up the ante in the rugged notebook market.  Look out Panasonic.

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