Staples Ruins Black Friday- Takes Early Orders, Sells Out Before Advertised Time

Staples Black FridayStaples ruined Black Friday for many customers who carefully planned their Black Friday purchases. Staples had widely advertised that its Black Friday specials would be available online at 6am on Black Friday, but sold out of many items before they were supposed to open.

From what we’ve gathered so far it looks like Staples allowed its customer service reps to sell Black Friday specials starting at 4am ET and sold out of them before the advertised start time of 6am E

Josh-a commenter here at – said:

Iâ€â„¢m not too happy myself. I was going to purchase it online at I had the page open ready to go when 6am EST hit. Well I went back at like 4am EST just to check and they had already sold out! What the heck?! The staples website lied about it being open at 6am. by that time, the line was too long at my local store so I totally missed out. If I would had known would had lied, I would had gone to the store earlier.

The Consumerist posted a story about another guy who wanted to buy a Black Friday GPS unit for $99, and was able to place the order, but Staples canceled it:

…Read the message and then clicked to process my order, waited a few seconds, and the magical ORDER CONFIRMATION SCREEN was displayed. Sweet! It was 6:04am and I had placed my order for the GPS. Being a crazed Black Friday shopper, I headed over to one of my favorite deal websites to see what fellow deal grabbers were saying about the $99 GPS and guess what â€Â¦ people had been ordering their Navigon 2100T GPS off the Staples website since around 4:00am! Even other buyers said since they couldnâ€â„¢t get the website the work properly they called Staples 800-number and the CSR was more than happy to process their order.

This was not fair and really shady on Staples part. I’m not sure what they can do to remedy the problem for everyone who lost out,but they should really work on this for future sale events.