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50% Off Incipio White Colored Items

Incipio is easily one of the best case-makers on the market. They offer a wide variety of stylish  products to protect your mobile devices from harm. Incipi...

Review: iTrip Universal by Griffin Technology

I have used a number of of FM radio adapters like the iTrip in the past, but Griffin has done a great job at improving upon previous approaches. The iTrip is not only for iPods. Any device with a 3.5 mm headphone jack will do, including a laptop.
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New Zune Commercial with Cobras and Ice Cream?

Zune Ad Cobra Snakes MicrosoftHere's a Microsoft Zune commercial that makes me want to never buy a Zune. The entire comercial is made up of two cobras in a desert fighting over an ice cream cone...really that's it. No Zune, no features, nothing. Just snakes licking an ice cream cone....mmmmm maybe the new Zunes taste good. The new Zune ads have generally avoided showing off features, instead showing people in a daydream-state, parading around with giant jelly fish and dancing bunnies.
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New Zune TV Commercial “Academy of Dreams”

Zune TV Ad “Academy of Dreams” Here's another new Zune Commercial from Microsoft, where an actor wanders around in a fantasy world. The ad is obviously high-budget and creative, but I think Microsoft should focus on getting people to understand how it's different from the iPod.
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8GB Zune Taken Apart

Zune PartsIf you're wondering what the new flash Zune looks like from the inside out, head over to Rapid Repair. They tore apart the new Zune and offer a disassembly guide, just in case you want to chance repairing your busted Zune yourself.
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Zune Version 2 Video Demo

Zune Video DemoHere's a long video demo of the new Zune's interface. No touchscreen like the iPod Touch or iPhone, but the Zune pad looks easy enough to use.
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New Zune Available With Laser-Engraved Designs

Zune 2 Custom DesignsMicrosoft will start taking orders for the Zune 2 tomorrow and is offering some pretty cool customization options. Those who buy direct from Microsoft's Zune Originals store will be able to chose from laser-engraved designs, tattoos and personalized messages.