Pat Moorhead

How Valuable Are Smartphone Battery Life Figures?

09_nokia_storm_patI do a lot of hands-on research on smartphones. I do this for two reasons. First, I believe they are fast becoming one of the prevalent cloud clients, and second, they are fast becoming a popular device to consume video. AMD obviously is involved in building the cloud with the AMD Opteron Processors but also conversion to make a video smartphone-friendly can take a tremendous amount of compute power, and ATI Radeon HD 4800 series graphics and AMD Phenom II X4 processors do those conversions quite well.

BlackBerry Bold: My Business Workhorse

balckberry_bold_4_phones_09Smartphones are increasingly becoming the most important factor in portable cloud access. What makes them unique is their portability and versatility. One minute a phone, the next a web browser, the next a video broadcast client. After blogging on the Android G1 and the BlackBerry Storm, and as co-owner of an iPhone (wife's), people asked me why I didn't blog on my personal workhorse, the BlackBerry Bold. Well, I aim to please and here it is.
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HP, AMD & MTV Notebook Design Contest Winners (CES 2009)

Art-inspired notebook designs are becoming more popular as consumers view their gadgets as truly personal. AMD, HP, and MTV reached out to the community and asked them for their art-inspired designs and received almost 17,000 entries. I grabbed on video the top designs from 4 different continents. I wish I were this creative.