HP Mini 311 Review Roundup

The HP Mini 311 is one of the first netbooks out that really blurs the line between netbook and full featured notebook, thanks to its NVIDIA ION GPU. That's not all, with an impressive screen and new features coming with Windows 7 and Flash 10.1 the Mini 311 may actually be a netbook with enough power to be the primary PC for average users. We've gathered up the HP Mini 311 reviews and hands on experiences to give you a good look at what you can expect from the little powerhouse.
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TechVi: Opinions on the $800 Nokia Booklet 3G at BestBuy

Not too long ago Nokia announced a new Netbook that among other things; had a built in 3G modem, 12 hour battery life and an aluminum chassis to top it off. Given the netbook moniker it was surprising to see the price for the Nokia Booklet 3G come in at $800; which is a big jump from traditional netbooks. The latest news is that Best Buy will be selling the Nokia Booklet 3G and Randall Bennett, the host at TechVi, was able to chat with Erica Ogg of CNet and Brad Linder of Liliputing to find out what they think of the Nokia Booklet 3G and its $800 price tag.