WWDC 2009

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Apple Claims Safari 4 Fastest Browser Available

Apple's Safari 4 web browser was officially announced at WWDC 2009 today and boasts some fantastic claims. JavaScript, a commonly used programming language that allows for greater interactive web browsing, loads 4.5 times faster than Safari 3, more than 4 times faster than Firefox 3, and a whopping 8 times faster than IE 8. For simple HTML sites, Safari 4 can render pages at least 3 times faster than both Firefox and IE 8. Full press release below:

Apple Announces Snow Leopard OS, $29 to Upgrade

hero20080609Today's a big news day for Apple with their annual WWDC in San Francisco. OS X has been updated to 10.6 and will be called Snow Leopard, which will be offered at an upgrade price of $29 for single users and $49 for a 5-license Family Pack. Users of Snow Leopard will notice a performance increase over previous versions of OS X thanks to increased implementation of 64-bit software that can utilize greater than 4GB of RAM while seeing a net increase of roughly 6GB of storage space thanks to a streamlining of the OS footprint. Check out the full press release below: