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Zune Version 2 Video Demo

Zune Video DemoHere's a long video demo of the new Zune's interface. No touchscreen like the iPod Touch or iPhone, but the Zune pad looks easy enough to use.
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Microsoft Zune 2 TV Ads Explain Nothing

Zune 2 Ad Micorosft sure doesn't tell us much about the new Zune 2 one of its new TV ads. Instead, the company just shows an actress taking an Alice in Wonderland-esque trip where she dances with pink rabbits and swims with a giant jelly fish will. I'm glad Microsoft's putting some marketing muscle behind the Zune 2, but this TV ad really misses the mark.
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Microsoft Launches New Zunes, DRM-free Marketplace

Zune 80GB Microsoft officially announced three new Zunes, including the 80GB Zune ($249), 4GB flash Zune ($149) and 8GB flash Zune ($199). The flash Zunes are available in pink, green, black and red. All of the new zunes have a touch-sensitive navigation button and play video.