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Humorous Look at the iPhone (video)

Apple iPhoneDavid Pogue of the New York Times posted an entertaining video of his experience with his iPhone. Like others who've spent time with the iPhone, he dislikes AT&T's slow EDGE data network, the sealed battery and lack of an expansion card slot. He does like the interface and apps, especially Google Maps.
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WSJ Review of the iPhone

The Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg reviewed the iPhone, which comes out today. Most beautiful and most radical smartphone or handheld computer he's ever tested. The iPhone has the best web browsing experience he's seen on a mobile device.
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Video: Apple iPhone Coming April 29th

Apple iPhoneThe most hyped mobile phone in history is will start selling in just a few short weeks. Apple started running a series of commercials last night that show off several features and its intuitive interface. Whether or not the iPhone will become as popular as the iPod is still questionable, but one things for sure: iPhones will be nearly impossible to score when they first launch.